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Born in 1957, Israel.

2005-Today Goldsmith craft at Micha Yechiely's studio.
  Micha Yechiely- A teacher at Shenkar College of engineering and design, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
1988-1990 Interior Design studies at the Bureau Technyion, Haifa, Israel.
Arts studies with photography as major, Academy of Arts, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel.


About my work

The finished piece of jewelry, is a long process of advanced planning, a process which fascinates me throughout the stages of work, and leads me to the creation of the next piece. The finished piece actually has a life of its own, it can stand on its own in a display space. Nonetheless, I prefer the bond between the wearer and the object.

I integrate between modern method and traditional method. Along with the accepted materials, such as gold and silver, I use stainless steel and colored copper wires. I find them interesting and fascinating, creating a new and modern look.

Group Exhibitions

Heaven and earth
Israeli jewlery 4
Eretz Israel museum, Tel-aviv
Until January 30th, 2008

One Person Exhibitions

Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery
Ben Yehuda 176.
Tel Aviv

Selected Collections

- Studio, 4 Jerusalem St., Kfar-saba, Israel.
- The Tel-Aviv museum of Arts store, Israel.
- Julie: Artisans' Gallery, 762 Madison Ave. New York, US.
- Studio Fusion Gallery, Oxo tower, London, UK.